January Update

Hello fellow sinkers! 

We're very excited to finally be organizing things over here at Cement Shoe to be able to bring you a steady stream of new content in 2017. Before, we had ambitiously shouted "We'll release something every two weeks!" into the void and failed on all accounts to hold ourselves to that. This didn't work for a number of reasons. One of the biggest being, simply, life. We're running another business as well as producing these, keeping up a home and raising a kid. Attempting to write, shoot, and edit a video every two weeks was a little too much. One of the other big factors, however, was organization. Often we launched into shooting without having a date planned long in advance, without having help lined up, and without having a shooting plan. 

This hurt us in a lot of ways. Scrambling to get all the shots, scrambling to perfect locations, to collect props, to make sure we have enough bodies to be in the video, let alone help us run equipment. Every shoot took much longer than it should have because we lacked a schedule and a plan. 

For 2017, I've organized a couple methods of making ourselves accountable to us, to our staff, and to our viewers. This year I'm scheduling one meeting a month to gauge where we are with production, what we have coming down the pipeline, and the steps we need to take to keep on track. For right now it's Shaun and I, but we're hoping to find a third person to partner with at some point in the year. Once we actually have a solid roster of volunteers, we'll open the meetings up, make them a little more formal, and gather input. 

The other tactic we're rolling out is a short, weekly shoot update, broadcast to YouTube. We recorded our first episode last night and covered what we're working on as well as the equipment we use. If you're curious about our resources and where we're finding it useful to start from, go check it out and look for more in the future.

For now, that's it. We've got our next shoot scheduled for January 22nd, so our first video should be out to you sometime in early February. In the meantime, our other videos are up on YouTube or you can find us on Twitter to see what's happening in the world of The Shoe. 

Happy sinking,